www.BbqFunStore.com | List of Products http://www.bbqfunstore.com/ Current product information from www.BbqFunStore.com en-US Copyright 2018 BbqFunStore.com Mon, 23 Jul 2018 04:44:03 -0500 Polly Pocket: BBQ for Two Playset http://www.bbqfunstore.com/polly-pocket-bbq-for-two-playset.html Pack up this playset and have a BBQ with Polly and Lea. Playset includes Polly, Lea, and more than 25 pieces of the furniture, fashions and accessories you'll need for an outdoor adventure. Everything fits inside the innovative package which doubles as a cute backpack. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/polly-pocket-bbq-for-two-playset.html Live With The BBQ http://www.bbqfunstore.com/live-with-the-bbq.html Live With The BBQ http://www.bbqfunstore.com/live-with-the-bbq.html Indianapolis Colts 4 Piece BBQ Set http://www.bbqfunstore.com/indianapolis-colts-4-piece-bbq-set.html This terrific stainless steel BBQ Tool Set includes a spatula, fork, tongs and basting brush - all with molded ABS plastic handles. The spatula is over 14 inches long with laser etching of your team logo. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/indianapolis-colts-4-piece-bbq-set.html Babushka's Bbq http://www.bbqfunstore.com/babushka-s-bbq.html Babushka's Bbq http://www.bbqfunstore.com/babushka-s-bbq.html BBQ Flame Design Protective Skin Decal Sticker for the LG LX370 Cell Phone http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-flame-design-protective-skin-decal-sticker-for-the-lg-lx370-cell-phone.html Personalize and protect your LG LX370 in one easy step. Made of scratch resistant, high quality vinyl to help protect your phone from everyday dings and dents. Easy to apply and removable! Does not harm your device or leave behind any nasty residue. Decal will not cover your screen or any key function of your LG LX370. Each skin decal is cut specifically for your LG LX370 and comes with a matching downloadable wallpaper. (Note: Due to differences in monitors, color may vary from photo.) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-flame-design-protective-skin-decal-sticker-for-the-lg-lx370-cell-phone.html Teenage BBQ http://www.bbqfunstore.com/teenage-bbq.html With a sound that pre-dated grunge by some two decades and, in turn, ignored the local influence of neighbors like Elvis, Stax/Volt, Sun and Al Green, the Memphis Goons were a unique growth of crabgrass in America s richest musical soil. This band, which came of age literally in the shadows of Graceland, did not sound Southern in any way. In fact, this band barely sounded human. Nothing like them was ever heard before, and it was thought that their entire recorded output had been destroyed by an embarrassed family member. This act of rage made it appear as if the Memphis Goons tapestry of aural madness was forever lost to posterity. But now, thanks to the recent discovery of the band s tapes in an attic, the cultural and musical legacy of this legendary trio can now be heard. Teenage BBQ (Shangri-la Projects 022: release date October 28, 1996) is the first full-length cd from a treasure trove of material soon to be unleashed onto an unsuspecting public. With a clear sense of purpose and an astounding vision, the Memphis Goons are undeniably the missing link between the Summer of Love and the Sex Pistols. Recording between 1970 and 1973, the Goons were somehow able to ingest all that went down in the 60 s and subsequently infuse it with the nervous propensity of a youth culture run amuck. Influenced by great garage bands such as The Sonics and The Seeds, band members Xavier Tarpit, Jackass Thompson, and Wally Moth piled the rawness of pre-punk on top of replicas from Trout Mask to achieve a synthesis unlike anything in popular music--or any music, for that matter. Indeed, while Nirvana may have never actually heard the Memphis Goons, it is frighteningly obvious that the spirit of the Goons remarkable cacophony is inherently present in the collective sound of these modern torchbearers. How did this happen? Could Kurt Cobain have been the illegitimate son of Xavier Tarpit? No one knows, but today s alienated and disaffected noise has nothing on the glorious caterwauling created by three middle-class white post-adolescents from the Memphis suburb of Whitehaven. The 20 plus cuts on Teenage BBQ tend to run together, achieving something akin to the sound of a trainwreck on acid. This music is edgy and very unsettling, and it ultimately provides the feeling that what we had here was a bunch of kids who were on the outside looking in, and damn proud of it. Out-of-tune guitars drone, voices weave in and out, basses rumble, and every now & then, a stray piano tinkles in the background. San Antonio Desert careens with an unprecedented intensity and a clear-eyed innocence that indicates that the only desert these malcontents had seen up to that point was on a map; meanwhile, the title cut rambles like a voodoo chant for some mondo Z-movie. Influences abound--everything from Black Sabbath to Velvet Underground--but, nevertheless, the Memphis Goons retain their own distinctive primitive soul. Little is known about the individual members of Goons other than names and hometown. What happened to them is unclear although part of their story can be read in Whump #1 and Rolling Stone s Alternative History of Rock. There are also faint whispers of a reunion, but like the Beatles, the Memphis Goons did it once, did it right, & got out. A reunion is pointless. What we have here, then, is Memphis mojo with a dedicated garage sensibility. In this age of never ending tedium and drudgery, the Memphis Goons offer us joy, pleasure, and inspired dissonance! http://www.bbqfunstore.com/teenage-bbq.html The Outlaw Josey Wales (With BBQ Book) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/the-outlaw-josey-wales-with-bbq-book.html Josey Wales is a farmer turned fugitive in the post-civil war south who is chased by the law after he avenges the murder of his family and friends. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/the-outlaw-josey-wales-with-bbq-book.html My BBQ Trolley http://www.bbqfunstore.com/my-bbq-trolley.html You're the chef with this safe, pretend play BBQ trolley. It features a pretend gas tank, wheels, realistic "fire" lights and fun grill sounds. Includes six pieces of play food and utensils. Requires 3 "AA" batteries, not included. Measures 13.3"L x 12"W x 19.25"H. Assembly required. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/my-bbq-trolley.html Kiki Bbq http://www.bbqfunstore.com/kiki-bbq.html Kiki Bbq http://www.bbqfunstore.com/kiki-bbq.html LIBMAN CO 00528 BBQ BRUSH LNG HNDL http://www.bbqfunstore.com/libman-co-00528-bbq-brush-lng-hndl.html 19" Long Handle BBQ Brush w/ 100 tufts of 3/4" brass fibers. Steel scraper for tough cleaning. Red http://www.bbqfunstore.com/libman-co-00528-bbq-brush-lng-hndl.html BBQ Everyday, Red, X-Large http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-everyday-red-x-large.html BBQ Everyday, Red, X-Large http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-everyday-red-x-large.html Jolees-by-You, Gas BBQ Grill http://www.bbqfunstore.com/jolees-by-you-gas-bbq-grill.html Stickers are acid free and perfect for decorating your scrapbook pages and homemade cards. Sheet measures: 4-inch by 4-1/2-inch. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/jolees-by-you-gas-bbq-grill.html Style Asia HW5266 Chefs Basics Select 18-Piece Stainless-Steel BBQ Set with Aluminum Storage Case http://www.bbqfunstore.com/style-asia-hw5266-chefs-basics-select-18-piece-stainless-steel-bbq-set-with-aluminum-storage-case.html Style Asia Chefs Basics Select 18 Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Set includes everything you need for your barbeque meal; set has a slotted turner with tenderizer and built in bottle opener, jumbo tongs, grill cleaning brush, heavy duty barbeque fork, 8 inch all purpose knife, gourmet basting brush, 4 steak knives, 8 corn holders, all in a lined polished aluminum storage case. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/style-asia-hw5266-chefs-basics-select-18-piece-stainless-steel-bbq-set-with-aluminum-storage-case.html Sun BBQ 14 X 20 Sinlge Access Door Vertical http://www.bbqfunstore.com/sun-bbq-14-x-20-sinlge-access-door-vertical.html Constructed of commercial grade 304 .Keep your BBQ station neat and tidy, Available in Horizontal and Vertical, comes with Right Swing. Great for Outdoor Kitchen16 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel for Frame Door Panel,Handle is made of Zinc Alloy, Chrome Plated. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/sun-bbq-14-x-20-sinlge-access-door-vertical.html Sacred Cows Make Great BBQ's: Turning Up the heat on Spiritual Myths http://www.bbqfunstore.com/sacred-cows-make-great-bbq-s-turning-up-the-heat-on-spiritual-myths.html What are the sacred cows of the Christian life? Why are they there? And should they be challenged?<br /> <br /> In Sacred Cows Make Great BBQs, Dave Gilpin (leader of Hope City Church, Sheffield) attempts to round up some the sacred cows so happily grazing in the fields of church life, and confront them in his unique, relaxed and informal, yet incisive style.<br /> <br /> Fifteen myths so prevalent in the Christian world today are dealt with in Sacred Cows Make Great BBQs. Dave Gilpin sets out to release people back into the real freedom and successes of authentic Christian living.<br /> <br /> For the sake of the future church, in Sacred Cows Make Great BBQs Dave Gilpin has become the smiling assassin of the holy cow. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/sacred-cows-make-great-bbq-s-turning-up-the-heat-on-spiritual-myths.html Siskiyou Sports Minnesota Vikings 4 pc NFL BBQ Set http://www.bbqfunstore.com/siskiyou-sports-minnesota-vikings-4-pc-nfl-bbq-set.html The stainless steel 4 pc BBQ set includes a BBQ fork, spatula, baster, and thongs. Each piece is made of stainless steel and features a colored handle in the teams primary color with the team logo. The spatula features a laser etched team logo. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/siskiyou-sports-minnesota-vikings-4-pc-nfl-bbq-set.html My Phamily Bbq [VHS] http://www.bbqfunstore.com/my-phamily-bbq-vhs.html My Phamily Bbq [VHS] http://www.bbqfunstore.com/my-phamily-bbq-vhs.html Space Bar-B-Q: Instro-mentals for Surf and Space Travel BBQ http://www.bbqfunstore.com/space-bar-b-q-instro-mentals-for-surf-and-space-travel-bbq.html 12 track CD album --------------- "Instro-mentals for surf, space, and spy travel" electric/acoustic trio combines 60's sounds, heavy reverb, B-movie schtick and a tribal backbeat. Middle Eastern, spaghetti western space cowboy gypsy rock, looking for movies! http://www.bbqfunstore.com/space-bar-b-q-instro-mentals-for-surf-and-space-travel-bbq.html Ain't (Panda's Backyard BBQ Dub) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/ain-t-panda-s-backyard-bbq-dub.html Ain't (Panda's Backyard BBQ Dub) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/ain-t-panda-s-backyard-bbq-dub.html OPI Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ W44 0.5 oz. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/opi-mrs-o-leary-s-bbq-w44-0-5-oz.html OPI Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ W44 0.5 oz. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/opi-mrs-o-leary-s-bbq-w44-0-5-oz.html Boston Red Sox MLB BBQ Grill Utensil Set http://www.bbqfunstore.com/boston-red-sox-mlb-bbq-grill-utensil-set.html Tailgating & grilling never looked so good! This stainless steel BBQ set is a perfect way of showing your team pride on Game Day. Each utensil is printed with your favorite NFL, NCAA or MLB team's artwork. The set includes tongs, brush, fork, and a laser etched spatula sporting the team's primary logo. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/boston-red-sox-mlb-bbq-grill-utensil-set.html Chefs Basics HW5294 Wood Chip BBQ Smoker Box http://www.bbqfunstore.com/chefs-basics-hw5294-wood-chip-bbq-smoker-box.html Grill like a pro with this exclusive grilling wood chip barbecue smoker box from Chefs Basics Select. The stainless steel smoker box will infuse great wood smoke flavor to all your grilled foods. Take advantage of the wonderful flavors of different wood varieties like mesquite and hickory. Simply fill the box with wine or water soaked wood chips of your choice and put it on the bottom or top grate of any barbecue or outdoor grill. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/chefs-basics-hw5294-wood-chip-bbq-smoker-box.html BBQ Picnic Party Invitations - Set of 10 w/ Envelopes http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-picnic-party-invitations-set-of-10-w-envelopes.html The cards say: A tasty invitation - For, By, Time, Date, Place, RSVP http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-picnic-party-invitations-set-of-10-w-envelopes.html The Original Cook Like a Man Cookbook - The Last Male Art Form: Grill It. Smoke It. BBQ the Heck Out of It. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/the-original-cook-like-a-man-cookbook-the-last-male-art-form-grill-it-smoke-it-bbq-the-heck-out-of-it.html BBQ is a right. Not a privilege. Bigger is better. No apologies. Man is at the top of the food chain. BBQ accordingly. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/the-original-cook-like-a-man-cookbook-the-last-male-art-form-grill-it-smoke-it-bbq-the-heck-out-of-it.html MLB Houston Astros Pangea BBQ Branders for Hot Dogs and Sausages http://www.bbqfunstore.com/mlb-houston-astros-pangea-bbq-branders-for-hot-dogs-and-sausages.html PROTBBHOU Team: Houston Astros Features: -Official team colors and logo. -Two slice toaster. -Available in your favorite MLB team colors and logo. -Adjustable settings for desired toasting levels. -Features your favorite team's logo on the outside and toasts your bread in your team's logo. -Includes a setting for frozen breads. -Works on white and wheat bread, as well as frozen waffles and English muffins. -UL tested and approved. -Dimensions: 8'' H x 12'' W x 6'' D. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/mlb-houston-astros-pangea-bbq-branders-for-hot-dogs-and-sausages.html Illinois 4 Piece BBQ Set http://www.bbqfunstore.com/illinois-4-piece-bbq-set.html This terrific stainless steel BBQ Tool Set includes a spatula, fork, tongs and basting brush - all with molded ABS plastic handles. The spatula is over 14 inches long with laser etching of your team logo. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/illinois-4-piece-bbq-set.html Picnics, Potlucks & BBQ's http://www.bbqfunstore.com/picnics-potlucks-bbq-s.html A bucket of chicken? A pan of brownies? Not only does the recipe have to taste great, it has to look good, too! With the help of Picnic, Potlucks & BBQ's, you won't have to struggle over what to take to your next gathering. Featuring more than 100 recipes for finger foods, salads, side dishes, casseroles, grilled meats and desserts, your menu contribution is guaranteed to be more than just a feast for the eyes. Even the ants will be begging for more! http://www.bbqfunstore.com/picnics-potlucks-bbq-s.html Klein 98222 BBQ Tool Set http://www.bbqfunstore.com/klein-98222-bbq-tool-set.html <h3>Klein BBQ Tools<p>The most important addition to your tool collection! They even have a picture of a fork and spatula on the handle so you know exactly which tool to pull to do the job =-) <ul><li>Flip your food with the perfect BBQ accessory<li>The stainless steel construction provides rust resistance<li>Cushion-Grip handle resists slippage and provides the comfort needed for frequent use<li>The 17" (432 mm) length makes it ideal for flipping your burgers or hot dogs<li>A Tip-Ident on the end of the handles allows for quick identification in crowded drawers<br></ul>Weight: 2 pounds http://www.bbqfunstore.com/klein-98222-bbq-tool-set.html San Diego Chargers 4 Piece BBQ Set http://www.bbqfunstore.com/san-diego-chargers-4-piece-bbq-set.html This terrific stainless steel BBQ Tool Set includes a spatula, fork, tongs and basting brush - all with molded ABS plastic handles. The spatula is over 14 inches long with laser etching of your team logo. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/san-diego-chargers-4-piece-bbq-set.html BBQ Design Protective Skin Decal Sticker for Samsung Highnote SPH-M630 Cell Phone http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-design-protective-skin-decal-sticker-for-samsung-highnote-sph-m630-cell-phone.html This scatch resistant skin sticker helps to protect your Samsung Highnote SPH-M630 while making an impression. Self-adhesive plastic-coated skins cover the front and back of the phone and are custom cut to perfectly fit the Samsung Highnote SPH-M630. Skins are paper-thin so they do not add any bulk. Skins are easy to apply (no bubbles), durable and easily removable without any residue. <p>This is a sticker-liked skin, <b>DOES NOT</b> cover the screen of your phone, it comes with a code to download the matching wallpaper as shown. (Note: Due to differences in monitors, color may vary from photo.) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-design-protective-skin-decal-sticker-for-samsung-highnote-sph-m630-cell-phone.html The Gate's BBQ Suite http://www.bbqfunstore.com/the-gate-s-bbq-suite.html The Gate's BBQ Suite http://www.bbqfunstore.com/the-gate-s-bbq-suite.html Bbq Sunmix http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-sunmix.html Bbq Sunmix http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-sunmix.html BBQ Essentials http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-essentials.html BBQ Essentials by Various Artists<p><i>This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media. Amazon.com's standard return policy will apply.</i></p> http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-essentials.html Annalee 250208 5 Inch BBQ Mom Mouse http://www.bbqfunstore.com/annalee-250208-5-inch-bbq-mom-mouse.html Every Annalee doll is truly unique. All of the cheeks are all colored by hand and each doll has multiple facial expressions. The face you see here may be different than the face you receive. The flexible wire frame allows you to pose your doll to fit your dcor. Be creative - Share the Smile! http://www.bbqfunstore.com/annalee-250208-5-inch-bbq-mom-mouse.html Knomo 13" Laptop Sleeve (Blue Berry(BBQ)) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/knomo-13-laptop-sleeve-blue-berry-bbq.html 13 Laptop Sleeve http://www.bbqfunstore.com/knomo-13-laptop-sleeve-blue-berry-bbq.html Penn State 4 Piece BBQ Set http://www.bbqfunstore.com/penn-state-4-piece-bbq-set.html This terrific stainless steel BBQ Tool Set includes a spatula, fork, tongs and basting brush - all with molded ABS plastic handles. The spatula is over 14 inches long with laser etching of your team logo. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/penn-state-4-piece-bbq-set.html Hi Mountain Bourbon BBQ Jerky Seasoning Kit http://www.bbqfunstore.com/hi-mountain-bourbon-bbq-jerky-seasoning-kit.html Our customers asked for a BBQ Jerky mix. We found a western secret where the cowboys used Bourbon and BBQ together to create this one-of-a-kind. Each kit seasons up to 15 lbs. of whole meat, 11 lbs. of ground. Kit includes one package of cure, one package of seasoning, a shaker bottle for easy mixing and detailed instructions. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/hi-mountain-bourbon-bbq-jerky-seasoning-kit.html Hotlix LARVETS Original Worm Snax BBQ FLAVOR One Packet http://www.bbqfunstore.com/hotlix-larvets-original-worm-snax-bbq-flavor-one-packet.html Open this Packet (5.6 Grams) of the Original Worm Snax: BBQ FLAVOR... then WOW your friends. Guaranteed to start some sort of conversation!! http://www.bbqfunstore.com/hotlix-larvets-original-worm-snax-bbq-flavor-one-packet.html Great Chefs - Great BBQ http://www.bbqfunstore.com/great-chefs-great-bbq.html Narrated by Tennessee Ernie Ford. Barbecue hot spots (not covered in the Great Southern Barbecue DVD), restaurants, cook-offs, and contests are the setting as chefs show how to season and smoke a Texas brisket, and grill Cajun pork just like Eddie Prudhomme's family. You'll step backstage at the country's best barbecue spots. 1 hour.<br/><br/>Cajun Pork Roast - Eddie Pruhomme, Orange Beach, AL<br/><br/>A Visit to: Rendezvous, Memphis, TN<br/><br/>Onion Rings - Leonard's, Memphis, TN<br/><br/>A Visit to: Willingham's Interstate BBQ, Memphis, TN<br/><br/>Prime Rib Roast, Pork Tenderloin and BBQ Baked Beans - Dr. Rich Davis, KC Masterpiece Restaurant, Kansas City, MO<br/><br/>A Visit to: Arthur Bryant's, Kansas City, MO<br/><br/>A Visit to: Gates & Sons, Kansas City, MO<br/><br/>A Visit to: Winslow City's Market Smoke House, Kansas City, MO<br/><br/>Grilled Lamb Chops - Richard Perry Restaurant, St. Louis, MO<br/><br/>Ribs w/German Mustard Sauce, Perdido Beach Hilton, Perdido Beach, AL<br/><br/>Seafood Kabobs - Alvarado Catering, Kansas City, MO<br/><br/>Butterflied Beef Short Ribs, Trey Yuen, Mandeville, LA<br/><br/>Chinese Chicken Wings, Trey Yuen, Mandeville, LA<br/><br/>Sausage Jambalaya - Axel Stromboe, Axel's Catering, New Orleans, LA<br/><br/>Hot German Potato Salad - Winslow's - Kansas City, MO<p><i>This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media. Amazon.com's standard return policy will apply.</i> http://www.bbqfunstore.com/great-chefs-great-bbq.html NCAA Texas Longhorns 4 Pc. BBQ Set http://www.bbqfunstore.com/ncaa-texas-longhorns-4-pc.html Stainless Steel BBQ Set includes the fork, tongs, spatula, and a grill brush. Dishwasher safe. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/ncaa-texas-longhorns-4-pc.html Cookies Best BBQ Recipes http://www.bbqfunstore.com/cookies-best-bbq-recipes.html Written by Speed Herrig, barbecue specialist and president of Cookies Food Products, Inc.<p>Sensational barbecue recipeshigh on taste and low on prepincluding appetizers, dips and sauces, soups and salads, side dishes, all types of meats and poultry, and even desserts.<p>Includes all-time favorites such as Grilled Honey BBQ Chicken, Country Style Ribs, Zesty Kabobs, Taco Squares, Texas Style Brisket, Oven-baked Pork and Kraut, Fiesta Pie, and even The Whole Hog Roast featuring 12 cans of beer and 5 gallons of barbeque sauce, this cookbook cant be beat.<p>All recipes were tested and approved by the Cookies test kitchen, ensuring each recipe is easy to follow and every dish is 100% delicious.<p>All recipes include an ingredients list, detailed instructions, and recommended cooking method.<p>Cookies ideas, hints, and tips for better barbecuing are offered throughout the book. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/cookies-best-bbq-recipes.html Cleveland Indians 4 Piece BBQ Set http://www.bbqfunstore.com/cleveland-indians-4-piece-bbq-set.html This terrific stainless steel BBQ Tool Set includes a spatula, fork, tongs and basting brush - all with molded ABS plastic handles. The spatula is over 14 inches long with laser etching of your team logo. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/cleveland-indians-4-piece-bbq-set.html 84-99 Harley Softail D&D Black Fat Cat Big Bore Exhaust - Part No. 412-31BBQ http://www.bbqfunstore.com/84-99-harley-softail-d-d-black-fat-cat-big-bore-exhaust-part-no.html 84-99 Harley Softail D&D Black Fat Cat Big Bore Exhaust - Part No. 412-31BBQ http://www.bbqfunstore.com/84-99-harley-softail-d-d-black-fat-cat-big-bore-exhaust-part-no.html BBQ Everyday, Black, Small http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-everyday-black-small.html BBQ Everyday, Black, Small http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-everyday-black-small.html 12" Stainless Steel BBQ Kabob Skewers http://www.bbqfunstore.com/12-stainless-steel-bbq-kabob-skewers.html Gather your favorite veggies and meats, fire up the grill and cook up some killer kabobs with these 12-inch stainless steel skewers. These skewers are reusable and round off to a circle on one end for easy handling on the grill. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Made of stainless steel. Sold individually. Rounded into circle at one end for easy handling. Makes grilling easy. Pointed ends for easy loading. Specs: Dimensions: 12"L. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/12-stainless-steel-bbq-kabob-skewers.html BBQ Guys GLP2 Gas Light Pane http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-guys-glp2-gas-light-pane.html Gaslight pane, 7 5/8 inch top, 8 inch high x 4 3/4 inch base, tempered fits arkla, 2201, 2102, cranbrook, coronet 11, ducane 8000, moonglow steel lights and gaslite America gl200. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-guys-glp2-gas-light-pane.html F&C 2" Barbecues BBQ SMOKER PIT GRILL THERMOMETER TEMP GAUGE http://www.bbqfunstore.com/f-c-2-barbecues-bbq-smoker-pit-grill-thermometer-temp-gauge.html This is for all your serious Barbecues! This particular Thermometer has a 2 " face with a 3 " stem.It is stainless steel and very easy to install, as you just insert the stem through the hole on your pit/ smoker/grill and then attach the nut, which is included. If your pit does not have a hole, you can just simply drill a 1/4 " hole and attach the BBQ Pit thermometer as previously described.This thermometer ranges from 50 degrees to 550 degrees Fahrenheit in cooking temperature.You will not be disappointed with this item, so please BUY with confidence. Please feel free to ask any questions concerning this itemprofessional OEM manufacturerBig discount for wholesalers http://www.bbqfunstore.com/f-c-2-barbecues-bbq-smoker-pit-grill-thermometer-temp-gauge.html BBQ Chef Decorative Night Light http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-chef-decorative-night-light.html Handcrafted in the USA to the highest standards using licensed materials with great individual care and attention to detail. We are certain that you will be completely delighted and satisfied with our product. All purchased Items will arrive via USPS and a the tracking # will be sent to you. We also offer matching Drawer Knobs, Outlet Covers, Double Size Switchplates, Triple Size Switchplates, Rocker GFI Covers, Combo Switchplates, Phone and Cable Covers. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-chef-decorative-night-light.html BBQ-Complete Recordings Vol. 1 http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-complete-recordings-vol.html BBQ-Complete Recordings Vol. 1 http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-complete-recordings-vol.html Seapoint Farms KooLoos Soy Nuts & Flaxseed, Honey BBQ, 3.5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/seapoint-farms-kooloos-soy-nuts-flaxseed-honey-bbq-3.html KooLoos are a natural blend of organic soybeans and organic ground flaxseed seasoned with the finest ingredients and baked to perfection. Finally, a delicious crunchy snack that you can feel great about. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/seapoint-farms-kooloos-soy-nuts-flaxseed-honey-bbq-3.html Matador Smokin' BBQ Clip Strip Beef Jerky, 3 Oz Bags (Pack of 3) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/matador-smokin-bbq-clip-strip-beef-jerky-3-oz-bags-pack-of-3.html Matador by Jack Links is a bold new move in snacking. Break away from ordinary snacks and try something meaty. Matador is available nationwide in a variety of convenient locations like gas stations, drug and grocery stores. Its easy-to-open package and immediate taste satisfaction cater to your action-packed, on-the-go lifestyle. Wherever you go you can take a Matador with you. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/matador-smokin-bbq-clip-strip-beef-jerky-3-oz-bags-pack-of-3.html Michigan State Spartans Tailgate Barbecue (BBQ) Grilling Apron NCAA http://www.bbqfunstore.com/michigan-state-spartans-tailgate-barbecue-bbq-grilling-apron-ncaa.html Our fan-friendly sports apron is what every backyard chef will want to wear to their next tailgating even. This barbecue apron will keep you clean no matter how messy it gets. These white aprons feature your favorite team's name and logo. Sports Coverage, Inc. specializes in high quality, officially licensed collegiate and NFL sports bedding for the ultimate fans. 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Fits most kettle barbecues up to 26" in diameter http://www.bbqfunstore.com/terrazzo-kettle-bbq-cover-sand.html Siccness BBQ: The Mixtape http://www.bbqfunstore.com/siccness-bbq-the-mixtape.html Siccness BBQ: The Mixtape http://www.bbqfunstore.com/siccness-bbq-the-mixtape.html BBQ P.D.Q.: Twice the Flavor, Twice as Easy http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-p-d-q.html Select the poultry, meat, or fish you want to grill and then let <i>BBQ P.D.Q.</i> published by Better Homes and Gardens (R) help you prepare it to perfection, along with one of 200 flavor-packed marinades, rubs, sauces, or salsas. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-p-d-q.html Iowa Hawkeyes NCAA BBQ Grill Utensil Set http://www.bbqfunstore.com/iowa-hawkeyes-ncaa-bbq-grill-utensil-set.html Tailgating & grilling never looked so good! This stainless steel BBQ set is a perfect way of showing your team pride on Game Day. Each utensil is printed with your favorite NFL; NCAA or MLB team's artwork. 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These two 100% natural un-treated cedar planks come with full cooking instructions and some delicious recipes to get you started on your way to being a cedar grilling master. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-oven-cedar-cooking-planks.html CJ Korean BBQ Sauce, Bulgogi, 29.63-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 4) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/cj-korean-bbq-sauce-bulgogi-29.html CJs traditional Korean BBQ sauces contains unique ingredients such as pear and apple puree to create a naturally sweet and fruity flavor, enhancing the tenderness of the meat. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/cj-korean-bbq-sauce-bulgogi-29.html Backyard BBQ (Underscore) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/backyard-bbq-underscore.html Backyard BBQ (Underscore) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/backyard-bbq-underscore.html Original Super Skewer Barbecue Skewers - Set of 2 BBQ Skewers FREE STANDARD SHIPPING IN USA http://www.bbqfunstore.com/original-super-skewer-barbecue-skewers-set-of-2-bbq-skewers-free-standard-shipping-in-usa.html The Original Super Skewer BBQ skewer has a crafted wooden handle and dual 1/8" round stainless steel tines. The Super Skewer's design eliminates the need for hot pads when kabobing because the wooden handle eliminates heat transfer from the barbeque. The dual 19" long stainless steel tines stop your kabobs from rotating on the skewer when being turned. The tines will not rust and are easy to clean, and the 19" length allows you to remove your barbeque's grills and shish kabob your food over the complete width of the standard barbeque - this gives more evenly distributed heat to your chicken, steak, shrimp, vegetables, or whatever you're grilling. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/original-super-skewer-barbecue-skewers-set-of-2-bbq-skewers-free-standard-shipping-in-usa.html Machine Embroidery Designs - BBQ Quotes(1) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/machine-embroidery-designs-bbq-quotes-1.html These colorful designs are great for decorative projects or clothing. Fun designs designed for 4" or 5x7" hoops provided in 9 popular formats. Each disc includes installation instructions and design sheets. 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Eat wellgo far! http://www.bbqfunstore.com/natural-high-freeze-dried-bbq-chicken-and-rice.html Siskiyou Sports Baltimore Ravens 4 pc NFL BBQ Set http://www.bbqfunstore.com/siskiyou-sports-baltimore-ravens-4-pc-nfl-bbq-set.html The stainless steel 4 pc BBQ set includes a BBQ fork, spatula, baster, and thongs. Each piece is made of stainless steel and features a colored handle in the teams primary color with the team logo. The spatula features a laser etched team logo. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/siskiyou-sports-baltimore-ravens-4-pc-nfl-bbq-set.html Washington Nationals 4 Piece BBQ Set http://www.bbqfunstore.com/washington-nationals-4-piece-bbq-set.html This terrific stainless steel BBQ Tool Set includes a spatula, fork, tongs and basting brush - all with molded ABS plastic handles. The spatula is over 14 inches long with laser etching of your team logo. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/washington-nationals-4-piece-bbq-set.html BBQ Simulated Neon Sign 12 x 27 http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-simulated-neon-sign-12-x-27.html BBQ Simulated Neon Signs 12"x27" This Barberque B.B.Q. Simulated Neon Sign is an economical way to advertise your goods and services at a fraction of the cost of real Neon signs and it's interchangeable! New! Mirror-BriteT Simulated Neon Signs. We use ultra bright Neon colored fluorescent lamps in a metal cabinet with mirrored reflectors, this energizes the entire sign to a Neon like brightness. We then slide an acrylic front panel in. We apply black vinyl over the panel and cut out the letters and or logos in the message area, which allows the Neon colored light to come through the message area that we cut out to create our Mirror-Bright Simulated Neon Signs. Custom logos and messages available. Product Details Dimensions: 27.00" (w) x 12.00" (h) x 4.00" (d) Weight: 12 lbs. Strong, yet lightweight metal cabinet Lamps: 1 Neon colored fluorescent lamp Lamp Colors: Green, Pink, Blue, Gold, White & Red Change message or lamp colors in seconds Removable acrylic message panels Create crisp logos, lettering and graphics Visible day andight from blocks away Easy to Install: Sign comes with hanging kit Saves Energy - uses less energy tha eo Proudly made in the USA 1 Year Limited Warranty Thank you for visiting www. Neon-DAS.comFor More Information or Further AssistanceCall: 1-888-636-6327 http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-simulated-neon-sign-12-x-27.html Bbq Series-Grill Gourmet-Meats Marinades & Veggies http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-series-grill-gourmet-meats-marinades-veggies.html Bbq Series-Grill Gourmet-Meats Marinades & Veggies http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-series-grill-gourmet-meats-marinades-veggies.html Arkansas 4 Piece BBQ Set http://www.bbqfunstore.com/arkansas-4-piece-bbq-set.html This terrific stainless steel BBQ Tool Set includes a spatula, fork, tongs and basting brush - all with molded ABS plastic handles. The spatula is over 14 inches long with laser etching of your team logo. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/arkansas-4-piece-bbq-set.html James River BBQ Sauce (Four 18 oz.) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/james-river-bbq-sauce-four-18-oz.html James River BBQ sauce http://www.bbqfunstore.com/james-river-bbq-sauce-four-18-oz.html BBQ Gift Set-this Chuckwagon BBQ Set Contains Texas Chili Works (1 Pack), Salsa Bobos (8oz Jar), 5-star BBQ Sauce (8oz Jar), Steak Seasoning (2.75oz Jar), Texas Champagne Hot Sauce (3oz Bottle), See All of Dad's Jerky Products http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-gift-set-this-chuckwagon-bbq-set-contains-texas-chili-works-1-pack-salsa-bobos-8oz-jar-5-star-bbq-sauce-8oz-jar-steak-seasoning-2.html Create your own real Texas Chili at home-control the heat make itas hot & spicy as you dare with our Texas Chili Works! Salsa Bobos is a perfect blend of golden corn nuggets, black beans, bell peppers, special spices and a dash of jalapenos for a thick texture and taste! 5-Star BBQ Sauce is an award winning sauce for the serious barbequers. Steak Seasoning makes a steak mouth-watering just by sprinkling this seasoning on both sides about 20 minutes before cooking, then grilling to your liking. Texas Champagne Hot Sauce is a spicy seasoning to put on soups, sauces, cocktails, eggs, meats, seafood and much more, http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-gift-set-this-chuckwagon-bbq-set-contains-texas-chili-works-1-pack-salsa-bobos-8oz-jar-5-star-bbq-sauce-8oz-jar-steak-seasoning-2.html Mongolian BBQ Grill - Cast Iron http://www.bbqfunstore.com/mongolian-bbq-grill-cast-iron.html Castiron bbq grill - Genghis Khan grill, 11" dia x 1" deep moat, 2" total heighth.Use with portable butane stove or charcoal grill. Table top grilling for meats, seafood, veggies, bulgogi. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/mongolian-bbq-grill-cast-iron.html Bbq Series-Choice Chops-Veal Pork & Lamb Chops http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-series-choice-chops-veal-pork-lamb-chops.html THIS IS A NEW DVD THAT DEALS WITH VEAL PORK AND LAMB CHOPS. 3 MOUTH WATERING RECIPES. YUM! http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-series-choice-chops-veal-pork-lamb-chops.html BBQ Design Nintendo Wii Body Protector Skin Decal Sticker http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-design-nintendo-wii-body-protector-skin-decal-sticker.html Scatch Resistant Skin Sticker helps to protect your Wii while making an impression. Self-adhesive plastic-coated skins cover the are custom cut to perfectly fit the Wii. Skins are paper-thin so they do not add any bulk, easy to apply (no bubbles), durable and easily removable without any residue. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-design-nintendo-wii-body-protector-skin-decal-sticker.html Knomo 15" Laptop Sleeve (Blue Berry(BBQ)) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/knomo-15-laptop-sleeve-blue-berry-bbq.html 15 Laptop Sleeve http://www.bbqfunstore.com/knomo-15-laptop-sleeve-blue-berry-bbq.html Baker City Bbq http://www.bbqfunstore.com/baker-city-bbq.html Baker City Bbq http://www.bbqfunstore.com/baker-city-bbq.html Oklahoma Sooners Grill BBQ Utensil Set http://www.bbqfunstore.com/oklahoma-sooners-grill-bbq-utensil-set.html Your sizzling hot Original Barbecue Brand Tailgate Tool can sear the pride of the your favorite college into most any food item. It's for more than just meat! Buns, tortillas, potatoes, pie crusts, let your pride run wild! http://www.bbqfunstore.com/oklahoma-sooners-grill-bbq-utensil-set.html Rufus Teague Honey Sweet BBQ Sauce http://www.bbqfunstore.com/rufus-teague-honey-sweet-bbq-sauce.html The name says it all with this award winning sauce. Its full of honey and sweetness. Not real spicy but your tongue will surely know its there. This was Rufuss first sauce and its great for grillin, dippin or drinkin straight out of the bottle. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/rufus-teague-honey-sweet-bbq-sauce.html BBQ Makes Everything Better http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-makes-everything-better.html Since cavemen discovered that fire makes good food great, grilling has been one of the most popular methods of cooking. From slow-cooked, aromatic meats to charred, juicy burgers and tender vegetables, everything tastes better hot off the grill. And it's not just gourmet chefs who can create scrumptious meals out of the perfect marriage of meat and fire; home cooks everywhere have enjoyed the simple pleasures of outdoor cooking for decades.<P>Aaron Chronister and Jason Day are two such home cooks whose mastery of the grill has catapulted them from their backyards to international fame. Originally just two guys who loved to barbecue, Aaron and Jason founded Burnt Finger BBQ--a competitive barbecue team that has garnered regional and national acclaim since its founding in 2008.<P>But it was with the invention of the 'Bacon Explosion' that one of Aaron and Jason's culinary creations became a household name. A bacon-stuffed, bacon wrapped smoked Italian sausage, the Bacon Explosion became an internet sensation just months after Aaron and Jason launched their website, BBQAddicts.com. It instantly attracted attention from Fox News, Jay Leno and <I>Good Morning America</i> (just to name a few), and the <I>New York Times</i> article about the Bacon Explosion was the second most emailed story for the entirety of 2009. Aaron and Jason now have a cult following, but their skills at the grill are not limited to bacon alone.<P>In BBQ MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER, Aaron and Jason round out their repertoire, presenting mouth-watering, easy-to-follow barbecue recipes for any occasion. Including a thorough discussion of equipment, methods and techniques for cooking well beyond the "Holy Trinity of BBQ" (ribs, pork and brisket), BBQ MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER shows that you can also make a perfect meal out of the "Ugly Stepchild of Barbecue"--chicken. Light-hearted in tone and full of easy-to-follow instructions, BBQ MAKES EVERYHING BETTER is the complete barbecue cookbook.<P>Find recipes and tips for:<P>-Burgers, Bacon, Fatties<P>-Party food and tailgates<P>-Barbecue and booze<P>-International barbecue<P>-Leftovers and lighter fare<P>-Desserts http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-makes-everything-better.html BBQ Design PS3 Playstation 3 Controller Protector Skin Decal Sticker http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-design-ps3-playstation-3-controller-protector-skin-decal-sticker.html Scatch Resistant Skin Sticker protect your PS3 (Playstation 3) controller while making an impression. Self-adhesive plastic-coated skins are custom cut to perfectly fit the PS3 controller. Skins are paper-thin so they do not add any bulk, easy to apply (no bubbles), durable and easily removable without any residue. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-design-ps3-playstation-3-controller-protector-skin-decal-sticker.html Winning The Title Of BBQ Champion: The Ultimate BBQ Tips To Get The Edge Over Your Competition And Guarantee That This Time Around You Are Ready To Win That Elusive Title Of BBQ Champion! http://www.bbqfunstore.com/winning-the-title-of-bbq-champion-the-ultimate-bbq-tips-to-get-the-edge-over-your-competition-and-guarantee-that-this-time-around-you-are-ready-to-win-that-elusive-title-of-bbq-champion.html As Iron Chef Bobby Flay would say: "Are you ready for a throwdown?" A BBQ throwdown, that is. Do you live and breathe and go agog over anything and everything BBQ? Do you make a point to be in every BBQ competition in the country, or even perhaps, worldwide? Then, BBQ'ing is indeed a true passion for you! I f you are getting ready for another BBQ throwdown or it's your first time to join one, this book is all set to help you with all the essential basics for preparing and winning in your next BBQ championship. Learn the following: * The requisites for gaining the title of BBQ Champ! * The fundamentals of BBQ'ing, from selecting the meat to tips for preparing and making your presentation. * Guidelines on creating your own signature BBQ sauce recipe that will distinguish you from the rest of your rivals. * Step-by-step guidelines on practicing and preparing for the throwdown and expectations during the entire BBQ competition. * Food safety guidelines to guarantee a pleasant and successful BBQ competition. * Money-making suggestions to profit from championships. Be ready for your next BBQ throwdown! Get the edge over your competition and guarantee that, this time around, you are ready for a throwdown and you'll win that elusive title of BBQ Champion! http://www.bbqfunstore.com/winning-the-title-of-bbq-champion-the-ultimate-bbq-tips-to-get-the-edge-over-your-competition-and-guarantee-that-this-time-around-you-are-ready-to-win-that-elusive-title-of-bbq-champion.html They Were Smokin': Championship Bbq Tips And Techniques From Two Time Memphis In May World Champions http://www.bbqfunstore.com/they-were-smokin-championship-bbq-tips-and-techniques-from-two-time-memphis-in-may-world-champions.html Billy Bob Billy has been involved in competitive BBQ for almost three decades. As a competitor with three-time Memphis in May Champions in Whole Hog and two-time Grand Champions, the Holy Smokers Too. He has served as a judge and instructor of Competition BBQ Cooking Classes at the University of Tennessee since 2002. Over 1,100 students have completed his class. His cookbook titled "They Were Smokin" serves as both a traditional cookbook and an in-depth textbook for BBQ competition teams. "My goal is to advance the level of competition and enjoyment of BBQ thru classes and mentoring of young competitors." Cookbooks, spices, tips and other BBQ "gotta haves" are available at www.holysmokerstoo.com http://www.bbqfunstore.com/they-were-smokin-championship-bbq-tips-and-techniques-from-two-time-memphis-in-may-world-champions.html Charcoal Companion 17-Inch Flame Resistant Black BBQ or Oven Mitt http://www.bbqfunstore.com/charcoal-companion-17-inch-flame-resistant-black-bbq-or-oven-mitt.html A basic quilted mitt is a cooking and grilling necessity. 17-inch Black, insulated mitt from Charcoal Companion for grilling or kitchen is flame resistant http://www.bbqfunstore.com/charcoal-companion-17-inch-flame-resistant-black-bbq-or-oven-mitt.html Food Stamp B-B-Q [Vinyl] http://www.bbqfunstore.com/food-stamp-b-b-q-vinyl.html Food Stamp B-B-Q [Vinyl] http://www.bbqfunstore.com/food-stamp-b-b-q-vinyl.html BBQ Apron Tote (Black w/ Red Trim) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-apron-tote-black-w-red-trim.html Anyone and everyone who enjoys a good barbecue will love the BBQ Apron Tote. Made of duarble polyester canvas, the apron comes with a chef's hat and mitt. Includes a spatula, tongs, and fork (stainless steel with redwood handles). . http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-apron-tote-black-w-red-trim.html Ronco Inventions ST4000 Showtime Indoor Rotisserie and BBQ http://www.bbqfunstore.com/ronco-inventions-st4000-showtime-indoor-rotisserie-and-bbq.html Only Basket is included!!! No Coupons or Accessories. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/ronco-inventions-st4000-showtime-indoor-rotisserie-and-bbq.html Microwave Pork Rinds Smokey BBQ Flavor 12 - 2 Oz. Packages http://www.bbqfunstore.com/microwave-pork-rinds-smokey-bbq-flavor-12-2-oz.html Chef Curley Tail says curl your tail with our Smokey BBQ seasoned pork puffies. Each package will make approximately 4 cups when puffed in your microwave. A snack food with less fat, less carbs, less calories and more natural protein than many other snacks such as potato chips and microwave popcorn. Our seasoning is made in our kitchen from all natural ingredients, no MSG, no preservatives and is gluten free. Our serving size is 1 ounce (about a quarter of a cup or one small handful). Put the pork rind pellets onto a microwave approved paper plate. Spread the pellets so they won't stack up on top of each other. Consider your first batch to be a test batch. This is because microwave ovens cook at different rates. Start with a time of a minute and a half. If some of the pellets don't puff up all the way, or if a few burn, adjust the time up or down by ten or fifteen seconds. They don't make any noise as they puff up. At this point you can add seasoning to the pork rinds. When they finish cooking they will be snapping, crackling and popping. This will continue for a few seconds. If you pop up more than you can eat, keep them in a zip lock bag for later. The microwave pellets should not be refrigerated and may be stored for 8 months at room temperature. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/microwave-pork-rinds-smokey-bbq-flavor-12-2-oz.html Siskiyou Sports Tennessee Titans 4 pc NFL BBQ Set http://www.bbqfunstore.com/siskiyou-sports-tennessee-titans-4-pc-nfl-bbq-set.html The stainless steel 4 pc BBQ set includes a BBQ fork, spatula, baster, and thongs. Each piece is made of stainless steel and features a colored handle in the teams primary color with the team logo. The spatula features a laser etched team logo. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/siskiyou-sports-tennessee-titans-4-pc-nfl-bbq-set.html Showtime Rotisserie & BBQ Oven Instructions for All Models http://www.bbqfunstore.com/showtime-rotisserie-bbq-oven-instructions-for-all-models.html Showtime Rotisserie & BBQ Oven Instructions for All Models http://www.bbqfunstore.com/showtime-rotisserie-bbq-oven-instructions-for-all-models.html Barbie BBQ Fashions - Barbie & Ken Matching Casual Clothes (2008) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/barbie-bbq-fashions-barbie-ken-matching-casual-clothes-2008.html Barbie & Ken Fashions is a 2008 Mattel production. Model #N4858. Included in the package for BARBIE DOLL is a strapless dark blue Denim Dress w/green thread trim at the top, & at the waist, there's light blue denim fabric attached along both Dress sides, & has green ties that tie the Belt closed at the front of the waist. Also, there's a Halter style Top with light blue & white check at the bust that fastens behind the neck & under the bust is light blue denim fabric. There's a pair of dark blue denim Shorts w/white & light blue check trim around the waistline, and there's a white Top w/blue ruffle type cap sleeves & scoop neckline w/green decal on front of the top & green thread trim at the bottom. Also included is a dark blue denim Skirt that has white & light blue check "ruffle" at the bottom of the denim and there's a blue Purse w/green handles & light blue Hi Heel Shoes w/ankle strap. For KEN DOLL there's a pair of blue, green, white & dark blue plaid Shorts & a gray sleeveless Top w/green trim at the neck & a blue & dark blue decal on front of the Top. Also included is a pair of green Sun Glasses & green Sandals. There are Cardboard Accessories: Spatula, Cooking Fork & Tongs. Barbie fashions fit most Barbie & 11.5" fashion dolls. Ken Fashions fit most Ken & 12" male fashion dolls; Dolls NOT included. WARNING: Choking Hazard - Small Parts. For ages 3+ Years. All the provided information is to the best of my ability & may not be exact; colors, styles, sizes & info may vary. Barbie & Ken Fashions, a 2008 Mattel production, is great for any collection, as a gift or just for fun play! http://www.bbqfunstore.com/barbie-bbq-fashions-barbie-ken-matching-casual-clothes-2008.html Admetior Digital BBQ Tongs and Thermometer http://www.bbqfunstore.com/admetior-digital-bbq-tongs-and-thermometer.html Digital BBQ Tongs has a built in instant read thermometer built in that offers a quick five second response time. The tongs has seven preset meat types and sounds an alarm once the meat has reached the desired level of doneness. It has a built-in LED Flashlight for night cooking and the display is removable for easy cleaning. It measures temperatures up to 392-Degree F and also the tongs lock for easy storage. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/admetior-digital-bbq-tongs-and-thermometer.html San Francisco 49ers 4 Piece BBQ Set http://www.bbqfunstore.com/san-francisco-49ers-4-piece-bbq-set.html This terrific stainless steel BBQ Tool Set includes a spatula, fork, tongs and basting brush - all with molded ABS plastic handles. The spatula is over 14 inches long with laser etching of your team logo. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/san-francisco-49ers-4-piece-bbq-set.html 5" River Country (RC-T5) Adjustable BBQ Grill Smoker Thermometer (50 to 550 F) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/5-river-country-rc-t5-adjustable-bbq-grill-smoker-thermometer-50-to-550-f.html Is your Old Barbecue Thermometer worn out, broken, or lost its accuracy? Are you looking for a professional grade long lasting thermometer for your new Grill or Smoker or for the one you just custom built? Then River Country has the Thermometer for you!!!River Country Barbecue Thermometers have been specially designed and manufactured with the highest accuracy and craftsmanship around to provide years of trusted results for today's desiring cooks, whether you're a novice or a professional.The River Country RC-T53 has been manufactured using all professional grade components, from the 304 stainless steel outer display case to the special 316 stainless steel stem which provides superior protection from the corrosive effects and temperatures of cooking. Each RC-T53 thermometer has a specially designed and built, easy to read, color coded full range dial so whether your slow smokin at low temperatures or grillin on an open flame you can easily and accurately read the exact temperate and range your cooking in. The lens assembly has been sealed with an industrial grade pliable sealant to help prevent fogging and moisture from the entering the dial. Each River Country thermometer has a small adjustment screw on the back to making fine calibration adjustments when every degree counts. The model RC-T53 features a 5" easy to read dial and has a 3" total stem length including the extra long 3/4" threaded portion which provides for secure mounting on either thin or thick walled smokers and grills. The threads are standard 1/2" NPT, common on most existing grills and smokers or you can simply drill a 13/16" hole and use the heavy duty mounting hardware that is included. All River Country Branded Thermometers are backed with our 1 year limited replacement warranty http://www.bbqfunstore.com/5-river-country-rc-t5-adjustable-bbq-grill-smoker-thermometer-50-to-550-f.html Basic Style Apron - BBQ http://www.bbqfunstore.com/basic-style-apron-bbq.html You can just about smell the burgers a sizzlin', the hotdogs a plumpin' and the bbq a happenin'. Wear this when you want to bring on the good times and the outdoor grilling. Light weight 100% cotton prints. Machine washable. One size fits most. Bib top with back ties and front right side pocket. 31" long. We also stock matching pot holders and oven mitts. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/basic-style-apron-bbq.html Gamer Grub Performance Snack BBQ http://www.bbqfunstore.com/gamer-grub-performance-snack-bbq.html Gamer Grub is a great tasting snack mix packed with select vitamins and neurotransmitters supporting fast cognitive performance. * Great tasting flavors * Handheld packaging * No keyboard crumbs * No greasy fingers http://www.bbqfunstore.com/gamer-grub-performance-snack-bbq.html Grampa's Zombie BBQ (Wiley and Grampa's Creature Features, No. 2) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/grampa-s-zombie-bbq-wiley-and-grampa-s-creature-features-no.html Grampa's annual barbecue is crashed by hundreds of rotting residents from Eternal Naps cemetery. Soon, Wiley accidentally bakes Grampa's foot to a crisp, Merle the cat battled zombified bugs, and Vera the world's worst lunch lady whips up her secret side dish. Illustrations. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/grampa-s-zombie-bbq-wiley-and-grampa-s-creature-features-no.html Shabu Shabu Hot Pot with BBQ Grill http://www.bbqfunstore.com/shabu-shabu-hot-pot-with-bbq-grill.html 1200W POWER OF STEAMER POT HEATING PALTE. 600W POWER OF BBQ GRILL HEATING PALTE. A QUICK, EASY AND HEALTHY COOKWARE. LONG LASTING 18/10 STAINLESS STEEL, MIRROR POLISH. SEE THROUGH HIGH TEMPERED COVER. COOL- TOUCH GRIP HANDLE FOR CONVENIENT AND SAFE USE. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/shabu-shabu-hot-pot-with-bbq-grill.html LEGO City Set #8398 BBQ Stand http://www.bbqfunstore.com/lego-city-set-8398-bbq-stand.html BBQ stand includes refrigerator and cooking grill with holders for ketchup and mustard bottles. Refrigerator door opens and closes. Lego City set has 22 pieces. Sizzling chicken leg, ketchup and mustard bottles and parasol are included. Recommended for ages 5-12 http://www.bbqfunstore.com/lego-city-set-8398-bbq-stand.html White Mountain Puzzles BBQ http://www.bbqfunstore.com/white-mountain-puzzles-bbq.html Down-Home Favorites: 1000 pieces. Size: 24" x 30". Everyone's favorite Bar-B-Que foods all in 1 place. With a red checked background this image is a collage of hotdogs, burgers, fruits, and vegetables, as well as condiments typically found at all American backyard Bar-B-Que's. Artist: Lori Schory. WARNING: Choking Hazard-small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Made in USA. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/white-mountain-puzzles-bbq.html Weber 8834 Gourmet BBQ System Sear Grate http://www.bbqfunstore.com/weber-8834-gourmet-bbq-system-sear-grate.html The Gourmet BBQ System Sear Grate is designed for use with gourmet BBQ system hinged cooking grate. Porcelain enameled, cast iron retains heat and delivers professional searing and seals in moisture and flavor. Porcelain enamel finish prevents sticking and allows for easy clean-up. Fits 22-1/2-inch Weber charcoal grills http://www.bbqfunstore.com/weber-8834-gourmet-bbq-system-sear-grate.html Griddle-Q GQ210 Small Griddle for BBQ Grills, Stainless http://www.bbqfunstore.com/griddle-q-gq210-small-griddle-for-bbq-grills-stainless.html Griddle-Q griddles are the perfect barbecue grilling accessory for any gas grill. Griddle-Q allows you to cook complete meals at one time and is the perfect outdoor cookware for everything from pancakes and eggs at sunrise to a Mongolian barbecue in the evening. It makes a perfect BBQ gift. Take it camping, tailgating, to the park or just grilling outdoors. The Griddle-Q is made from one hundred percent 430-restaurant grade Stainless Steel, one of the safest outdoor cooking surfaces (unlike common steel which contains lead), and Griddle-Q's formed grease trough makes cleanup a snap. Other great features include the two-inch sidewalls to keep food on the griddle, and handle grips for easy transport. Griddle-Q will fit 98-percent of all existing gas grills. This Professional Style Griddle comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, guaranteed not to chip, twist or bend. Griddle-Q is made in America and is available for immediate delivery in four sizes: Cook up breakfast, lunch or dinner in the fresh outdoors on this solid stainless steel grilling accessory. Keep the kitchen clean of frying pans and free from lingering odors. Our small sized unit has over 240-square-inch of cooking surface where you can cook a dozen pancakes at a time, entertain with a Mongolian BBQ or Teppanyaki style outdoor cooking. Cook big meals in a jiffy and be the hit of the next tailgate party. Griddle-Q is great for Mexican or Japanese style parties or just cook up a dozen grilled cheese sandwiches in the backyard for a bunch of hungry kids. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/griddle-q-gq210-small-griddle-for-bbq-grills-stainless.html The King Khan & BBQ Show http://www.bbqfunstore.com/the-king-khan-bbq-show.html The King Khan & BBQ Show http://www.bbqfunstore.com/the-king-khan-bbq-show.html Bbq Series-Bbq Basics-Ribs Wings & Legs http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-series-bbq-basics-ribs-wings-legs.html Studio: Kc Sales Release Date: 11/04/2008 http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-series-bbq-basics-ribs-wings-legs.html BBQ PARTY MUSIC - CD http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-party-music-cd.html BBQ PARTY MUSIC - CD http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-party-music-cd.html Siskiyou Sports Kansas City Chiefs 4 pc NFL BBQ Set http://www.bbqfunstore.com/siskiyou-sports-kansas-city-chiefs-4-pc-nfl-bbq-set.html The stainless steel 4 pc BBQ set includes a BBQ fork, spatula, baster, and thongs. Each piece is made of stainless steel and features a colored handle in the teams primary color with the team logo. The spatula features a laser etched team logo. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/siskiyou-sports-kansas-city-chiefs-4-pc-nfl-bbq-set.html NUDE COWGIRLS / NUDE BBQ http://www.bbqfunstore.com/nude-cowgirls-nude-bbq.html Beautiful cowgirls showing far more skin than your typical Western! We add the sizzling summer beauties of Nude BBQ, our staff's favorite title in this series, and the West is wild once again! http://www.bbqfunstore.com/nude-cowgirls-nude-bbq.html Bud Time Gourmet BBQ Gift Set -Large http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bud-time-gourmet-bbq-gift-set-large.html "Bud Time" Barbecue Gift Set is a gift that goes well with any beverage on a hot, summer day. A truly unique gift of great taste and fun. Sorry, no alcohol is included in this gift basket - just great gourmet treats he will LOVE! http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bud-time-gourmet-bbq-gift-set-large.html Camerons Products Small Bag BBQ Chunks, Oak http://www.bbqfunstore.com/camerons-products-small-bag-bbq-chunks-oak.html Camerons Products, is your best smoking products resource. Place these fists sized wood chunks on hot coals to get maximum wood flavor infused into your BBQ foods. These wood chunks need to be soaked for about 20 minutes before placing on the charcoal in your BBQ. This package includes a 5-Pound bag of oak wood chunks. White oak is often a wood that is used in commercial smoking. It's the most common type of wood used for smoking. Oak is particularly wonderful with sausages and blended with cherry for smoking turkey. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/camerons-products-small-bag-bbq-chunks-oak.html Your Love (Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso's BBQ Mix) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/your-love-steve-angello-sebastian-ingrosso-s-bbq-mix.html Your Love (Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso's BBQ Mix) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/your-love-steve-angello-sebastian-ingrosso-s-bbq-mix.html DJ's Choice Bbq Party Music http://www.bbqfunstore.com/dj-s-choice-bbq-party-music.html DJ's Choice Bbq Party Music http://www.bbqfunstore.com/dj-s-choice-bbq-party-music.html BBQ Everyday, Black, XX-Large http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-everyday-black-xx-large.html BBQ Everyday, Black, XX-Large http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-everyday-black-xx-large.html Bbq Fan Helps Start Coals or Wood http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-fan-helps-start-coals-or-wood.html BARBECUE OR FIREBOOSTER FANStart and maintain fires using just air! Barbecue Booster forces air directly onto just lit or already burning embers and coals - gets flames going in no time. Just turn the handle and the internal turbine cranks out a concentrated stream of air. Solid plastic body is about 10" long. Great for the fireplace in the winter. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-fan-helps-start-coals-or-wood.html Backyard BBQ Music http://www.bbqfunstore.com/backyard-bbq-music.html Backyard BBQ Music http://www.bbqfunstore.com/backyard-bbq-music.html A Sexy Steamy BBQ (MILF Diaries ) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/a-sexy-steamy-bbq-milf-diaries.html Forty year old Sam gets all hot and flustered at her sister's BBQ as she catches the attention of the hot twins who have just moved in next door. What will they all get up to, while the rest of the guests tuck into their meat? http://www.bbqfunstore.com/a-sexy-steamy-bbq-milf-diaries.html ExtendCrisps, Honey BBQ, 1.1-Ounce Bags (Pack of 5) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/extendcrisps-honey-bbq-1.html ExtendCrisps help stabilize blood sugar for up to 9 hours longer than any other snack on the market today! By doing so, ExtendCrisps help to naturally control hunger, minimize diabetes symptoms, prevent low blood sugar and provide a continuous source of energy for even the most strenuous activities. Delicious, Nutritious and All-Natural! ExtendCrisps are a light, baked, savory snack. Similar to miniature rice cakes, these soy crisps are round and crispy and all-natural with no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols. ExtendCrisps aren't like your average chip! ExtendCrisps can help you: Gain control over hunger... Grab ExtendCrisps between meals as a delicious way to help control your appetite for hours and reduce the calories consumed at your next meal by 21%, on average. Increase your stamina for all activities... ExtendCrisps slow release formula provides you with a sustained supply of energy and helps guard against low blood sugar for up to 9 hours. Enjoy improved sleep... ExtendCrisps before bed can reduce disturbing nighttime blood sugar lows by up to 75%. Wake up to normal blood sugar levels... If you go to sleep with a normal blood sugar level yet wake up with it much higher, eat ExtendCrisps at bedtime to help stabilize your blood sugar throughout the night and reduce morning highs by an average of 28%. Treat yourself to a guilt free snack anytime... With low glycemic index and little to no sugar, ExtendCrisps wont raise blood sugar levels significantly. So you can eat one anytime, anywhere without worrying about your blood sugar spiking. Be good to your heart... When you eat delicious ExtendCrisps, youre not only helping to manage your blood sugar, youre also doing something good for your heart. All ExtendCrisps are cholesterol-free and contain no trans-fats. Our Crisps are also a good source of soy protein and soluble fiber. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/extendcrisps-honey-bbq-1.html Mr BBQ 18 pc Gourmet Stainless Steel Barbecue Tool Set with Case # 02096P http://www.bbqfunstore.com/mr-bbq-18-pc-gourmet-stainless-steel-barbecue-tool-set-with-case-02096p.html Mr. BBQ's 18-piece stainless steel grilling tool set is a necessity for all patios. Durable and long lasting, these utensils are ideal for your grill. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/mr-bbq-18-pc-gourmet-stainless-steel-barbecue-tool-set-with-case-02096p.html Delicious and Suspicious (A Memphis BBQ Mystery) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/delicious-and-suspicious-a-memphis-bbq-mystery.html <B>Welcome to Aunt Pat's barbecue restaurant, which serves up Memphis fun with a side order of murder. <BR><BR> Recipes included. </B> <BR><BR> <B>Named in honor of Lulu Taylor's great aunt, Aunt Pat's family-run Memphis restaurant is known for its ribs and spicy cornbread. But now the Taylor family will be known for murder... </B> <BR><BR> Rebecca Adrian came to Memphis to suss out the best local BBQ for a prominent Cooking Channel Show. Trouble is, a mystery ingredient has killed her-and now all fingers are pointing to Aunt Pat's restaurant. Horrified that her family is being accused of murder, Lulu fires up her investigative skills to solve the crime before someone else gets skewered. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/delicious-and-suspicious-a-memphis-bbq-mystery.html Chef's Planet Grill & BBQ Mat http://www.bbqfunstore.com/chef-s-planet-grill-bbq-mat.html Chef's Planet Grill & BBQ Mat is ideal for grilling fish, veggies and shrimp.The nonstick mat prevents food from falling through the cracks. Ah, grilling perfection. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/chef-s-planet-grill-bbq-mat.html MAC Lip Pencil BBQ http://www.bbqfunstore.com/mac-lip-pencil-bbq.html Buy MAC Lip Liners - MAC Lip Pencil BBQ. How-to-Use: First, sharpen the lip pencil for optimal use. Close mouth and line around the lips until desired contrast is achieved, follow with complementary lip color. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/mac-lip-pencil-bbq.html Atlanta Falcons Grill BBQ Utensil Set (Quantity of 1) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/atlanta-falcons-grill-bbq-utensil-set-quantity-of-1.html Atlanta Falcons - B.S.I. NFL Utensil Sets - Atlanta Falcons Grill BBQ Utensil Set - Item: 3748405014 http://www.bbqfunstore.com/atlanta-falcons-grill-bbq-utensil-set-quantity-of-1.html Bbq Series-Hickory Kabob-Vegetable & Meat Kabobs http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-series-hickory-kabob-vegetable-meat-kabobs.html Studio: Kc Sales Release Date: 11/04/2008 http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-series-hickory-kabob-vegetable-meat-kabobs.html BBQ Joints: Stories and Secret Recipes from the Barbeque Belt http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-joints-stories-and-secret-recipes-from-the-barbeque-belt.html <p>In Barbecue Joints, travel the highways and byways with a true barbecue aficionado, David Gelin, and share the scrumptious odors of hickory pits and the tangy sauces and rubs that make barbecue the signature dish of the South. Look closely and you will recognize a South where barbecue is a kind of national dish and the people who cook and serve it are, well, national heroes. This book is not just about the joints, but even more so about the good folks who are the heart and soul of them. Barbecue Joints is more than a heartfelt tale of the colorful characters that run them-it also serves as a travel guide as well as a how-to on barbecue, filled with recipes as well as instruction on building a BBQ pit of your very own! </p> http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-joints-stories-and-secret-recipes-from-the-barbeque-belt.html Allegro, Sauce Bbq Orgnl, 18 OZ (Pack of 6) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/allegro-sauce-bbq-orgnl-18-oz-pack-of-6.html Allegro, Sauce Bbq Orgnl, 18 OZ (Pack of 6) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/allegro-sauce-bbq-orgnl-18-oz-pack-of-6.html Barbecue Steak Sizzle on BBQ http://www.bbqfunstore.com/barbecue-steak-sizzle-on-bbq.html Barbecue Steak Sizzle on BBQ http://www.bbqfunstore.com/barbecue-steak-sizzle-on-bbq.html 95-06 Harley FLT D&D Chrome Fat Cat QUIET BB Exhaust - Part No. 506-32BBQ http://www.bbqfunstore.com/95-06-harley-flt-d-d-chrome-fat-cat-quiet-bb-exhaust-part-no.html 95-06 Harley FLT D&D Chrome Fat Cat QUIET BB Exhaust - Part No. 506-32BBQ http://www.bbqfunstore.com/95-06-harley-flt-d-d-chrome-fat-cat-quiet-bb-exhaust-part-no.html North Carolina Tar Heels - UNC 4 piece Barbecue (BBQ) set - NCAA http://www.bbqfunstore.com/north-carolina-tar-heels-unc-4-piece-barbecue-bbq-set-ncaa.html Tailgating never looked so good! This stainless steel BBQ set is a perfect way of showing your team pride on Game Day. Each utensil is printed with your favorite College team's artwork. The set includes tongs, brush, fork and a laser etched spatula. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/north-carolina-tar-heels-unc-4-piece-barbecue-bbq-set-ncaa.html L.A. Dodgers White BBQ Apron http://www.bbqfunstore.com/l-a.html Protect your clothes while you grill up some grub before the big Dodgers game with this BBQ apron featuring a front double pocket for holding your utensils, and team logos on the chest and pocket! Approximately 33" x 28".<p/><ul><li>Protective coating for splatter resistance</li><li>Long waist ties</li><li>Screen print graphics</li><li>Team logo and colors</li><li>Two roomy front pockets</li><li>Machine washable</li><li>Imported</li><li>100% Cotton</li><li>Officially licensed MLB product</li></ul> http://www.bbqfunstore.com/l-a.html Tennessee Volunteers Grill BBQ Utensil Set (Quantity of 1) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/tennessee-volunteers-grill-bbq-utensil-set-quantity-of-1.html 61001 Features: -Barbeque set. -Set includes: Tongs, brush, fork and a laser etched spatula. -Stainless steel construction. -Decorated with the Tennessee Volunteers team colors. -Perfect way of showing your team pride on game day. -Printed with your favorite College team's artwork. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/tennessee-volunteers-grill-bbq-utensil-set-quantity-of-1.html Kingsford 3-Piece Kentucky BBQ Tool Set, Spatula, Tongs and Fork http://www.bbqfunstore.com/kingsford-3-piece-kentucky-bbq-tool-set-spatula-tongs-and-fork.html The Kingsford Kentucky 3-Piece Grill Tool Set includes the Kentucky Spatula, Fork and the Tongs. Natural finish, hardwood handles and forged stainless-steel construction. Exclusive Kingsford quality and beautiful design will spotlight your fine taste at your next barbeque outing. Part of the Kingsford Grilltop Collection - an assortment of premium grilling and barbeque accessories. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/kingsford-3-piece-kentucky-bbq-tool-set-spatula-tongs-and-fork.html Picnic BBQ Beverage Napkins http://www.bbqfunstore.com/picnic-bbq-beverage-napkins.html 2 ply napkins measure 5 x 5 inches folded. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/picnic-bbq-beverage-napkins.html How To Become A BBQ Champion http://www.bbqfunstore.com/how-to-become-a-bbq-champion.html Are you tired of trying to find a way to become a BBQ champion that does not take up all of your free time? Would you like to stop spending a fortune on things like wasted meat, bad sauce and poor presentation? If so, the solution you have been looking for is finally here! Of course, most people do not know how to become a BBQ champion, let alone how to become a successful one but that is all about to change Through the release of the How to Become a BBQ Champion eBook, you are going to learn how you can prepare the most succulent BBQ around. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/how-to-become-a-bbq-champion.html Anotha (BBQ) (Clean) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/anotha-bbq-clean.html Anotha (BBQ) (Clean) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/anotha-bbq-clean.html Dinosaur Original BBQ Sauce - 19oz http://www.bbqfunstore.com/dinosaur-original-bbq-sauce-19oz.html Dinosaur Original BBQ Sauce adds excitement to any dish. Gluten free and all natural. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/dinosaur-original-bbq-sauce-19oz.html Showtime Platinum Rotisserie & BBQ Oven http://www.bbqfunstore.com/showtime-platinum-rotisserie-bbq-oven.html 665860010028 Features: -The original ''set it and forget it'' cooking appliance. -One-of-a-kind platinum silver exterior. -Can cook up to a 15 lb turkey. -3-way Rotisserie controls: normal rotation, no-heat rotation or paused. -Exclusive digital timer. -Rotisserie baskets, spit rods and glass door are dishwasher safe. -6-Month warranty. Includes: -Rotisserie oven. -Non-stick rotisserie basket. -Smaller ''speed'' non-stick rotisserie basket. -Rotisserie spit rods. -8 Self-turning kabob rods. -Showtime liquid flavor injector. -Rotisserie food ties. -Meat & poultry thermometer. -Washable rubber BBQ gloves. -Loading/carving base. -Non-stick drip tray and grate cover. -Instructional booklet/recipes. -Rotisserie & BBQ video. Specifications: -Dimensions: 13'' H x 15'' W x 18'' D . -Power Consumption: 1250 watts. -Input Voltage: 120V / 60hz. The original ''set it and forget it'' cooking appliance you've seen on TV, the Showtime Standard Rotisserie & BBQ Oven helps you cut the fat and carbs naturally. Make your favorite foods taste better than ever, with easy clean-up too! This horizontal rotisserie unit is countertop size, making it even more convenient. You'll be able to cook up to a 15-pound turkey, a 10-pound ham, four salmon steaks, 15 Italian sausages, two 5-pound chickens, up to nine quarter-pound hamburgers, BBQ ribs, fish, steaks, Cornish game hens, and more. You and your family will eat well, eat healthier, and spend less time cooking with this rotisserie oven in your kitchen. Product Manual Please Note: This item cannot ship to Puerto Rico. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you would like assistance finding an item that can ship to Puerto Rico, please contact our customer service team. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/showtime-platinum-rotisserie-bbq-oven.html Championship BBQ Secrets for Real Smoked Food http://www.bbqfunstore.com/championship-bbq-secrets-for-real-smoked-food.html A complete guide to the popular favorite of BBQ fans everywhere. <P>This comprehensive guide to the art of slow smoking on the BBQ will appeal to any outdoor chef. How-to instructions introduce lovers of all things barbecued to smoking methods while the recipes reflect the rich diversity of smoked foods, showing how to smoke almost anything from fruit, nuts and cheese to ribs, brisket and fish. <P>Smoking takes longer than simple grilling, and requires new techniques to be mastered for best results. The book tells how to use any type of barbecue equipment for smoking, whether a simple kettle grill, a competition smoker, or a cold smoker. It also addresses: - Using various types of woods - Building an indirect fire - Preparing food for smoking - Avoiding the Seven Sins of Smoking - Using brines, marinades, rubs, slathers, bastes, glazes, and sauces <P>The 300 carefully selected recipes are organized by ingredients to provide easy access and offer new inspirations for the ultimate in smoked foods: - Flower of the Flames Rib Rub - Blackberry Merlot Marinade - Stuffed Smoked Tomatoes - Cold-Smoked Fruit Salsa - Apple-Smoked Salmon with Green Grape Sauce - Pecan-Smoked Apricot Chicken Wings - Smoked Flank Steak with Beefy Barbecue Mop <P>With its mouthwatering recipes plus handy smoking and doneness charts, timetables, and instructions for various foods types, Championship BBQ Secrets for Real Smoked Food is a superb guide to an increasingly popular method of backyard cooking. http://www.bbqfunstore.com/championship-bbq-secrets-for-real-smoked-food.html Moore?s Sauce, Honey BBQ Wing, 16-Ounce (Pack of 6) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/moore-s-sauce-honey-bbq-wing-16-ounce-pack-of-6.html Moore?s Sauce, Honey BBQ Wing, 16-Ounce (Pack of 6) http://www.bbqfunstore.com/moore-s-sauce-honey-bbq-wing-16-ounce-pack-of-6.html BBQ Bash: The Be-All, End-All Party Guide, from Barefoot to Black Tie http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-bash-the-be-all-end-all-party-guide-from-barefoot-to-black-tie.html Take your backyard barbecue to the next level with BBQ Bash! With 100 creative, delicious recipes for the grill or smoker, this book is the key to partying with a touch of panache. Karen Adler and Judith Fertig present savory, crowd-pleasing recipes for casual get-togethers or black-tie barbecues. Chapters are divided into appetizers, entres, sides and salads, and succulent desserts, and dishes include Pecan-Smoked Goat Cheese Stuffed Peppadews; Creole Coffee Rubbed Filet Mignon with Silky Crab Butter; Piquillo Pepper Stuffed Chicken with Salsa Verde; Provenal Grilled Salmon with Rosemary and Mint Aioli; Grilled Pink Grapefruit and Orange Salad with Avocado; Smashed Red Potatoes with Green Onions and Cream Cheese; and Golden Raspberry Meringues with Pistachios. The introduction reveals all the information you ll need to host a memorable bash from start to finish, with tips about charcoal and gas grilling, smoking, skewering, stir-grilling, planking, stovetop smoking, and even stocking the bar, setting the tables, and selecting the right music. Sidebars throughout feature time-saving and food-presentation tips, as well as suggested themed menus, cocktail suggestions, recipe variations, and much more! http://www.bbqfunstore.com/bbq-bash-the-be-all-end-all-party-guide-from-barefoot-to-black-tie.html The Big Book of BBQ Plans: Over 60 Inspirational Designs and Construction Plans to Build Your Own Backyard Barbecue Counter! http://www.bbqfunstore.com/the-big-book-of-bbq-plans-over-60-inspirational-designs-and-construction-plans-to-build-your-own-backyard-barbecue-counter.html Want the ideal BBQ for some serious outdoor grilling? Award-winning garden designer and author Scott Cohen once again takes you from "dream it" to "do it" with this essential volume of BBQ plans. Packed with original drawings featuring some of Cohen's most inspired work, this resource includes detailed designs for over 60 hard-working, high appeal outdoor kitchens. 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Easy Outdoor Gas Grill Recipe.<br><br>Here are some of the recipes that you will learn how to make:<br><br>Grilled Acorn Squash~ Mushroom & Asparagus<br>Grilled Angel Food Cake With Nectarines & Blu<br>Grilled Apple-Nut Stuffed Pork Chops **<br>Grilled Asian-Spiced Mango & Chicken<br>Grilled Asparagus & Ginger-Lemon Vinaigrette<br>Grilled Asparagus With Lemon Dip<br>Grilled Balsamic Veal Chops<br>Grilled Bananas<br>Grilled Barbeque Chicken Breasts<br>Grilled Beef Blade Steaks With Spicy Orange M<br>Grilled Beef Kabobs<br>Grilled Beef Tenderloin With Red Wine & Pis<br>Grilled Blue Cheese Slices<br>Grilled Bluefish Wrapped In Mammoth Basil Lea<br>Grilled Bourbon Tri-Tip<br>Grilled Breast Of Chicken W/Maple Whiskey Gla<br>Grilled Butter "Fly Pattern" Pork Chops<br>Grilled Butterflied Leg Of Lamb<br>Grilled Calamari A La Erie Cafe<br>Grilled Cardamom Nan Bread<br>Grilled Cervena Striploin On Mixed Root Veget<br>Grilled Chayote Squash (Or Pear Fruit)<br>Grilled Cheese Gobblers<br>Grilled Cheese-Chipotle Sandwich<br>Grilled Chicken & Red Pepper Taco<br>Grilled Chicken Adobo<br>Grilled Chicken Appetizer Roll-Ups<br>Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwiches With Roaste<br>Grilled Chicken Breast With Garlic Lemon Mari<br>Grilled Chicken Breasts<br>Grilled Chicken Breasts In Raspberry Vinegar<br>Grilled Chicken Breasts With Cilantro-Lime Bu http://www.bbqfunstore.com/best-grilling-recipes-chicken-steak-hamburger-rib-salmon-lobster-pork-potato-bbq-and-more-easy-outdoor-gas-grill-recipe.html Educo Educo My Backyard Bbq Fix'Ins Starter Set 14 http://www.bbqfunstore.com/educo-educo-my-backyard-bbq-fix-ins-starter-set-14.html Kids can grill up a tasty BBQ dinner for hungry guests with the food included in this realistic set. 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